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iPhone Apps: 5somewhere - it's always 5 o'clock somewhere!

Clock face showing 5 o'clock

It's always 5 o'clock somewhere. Ever wondered where that is? This app will tell you!

Lots of things happen at 5 p.m. Some people leave work, some meet friends and socialize. Now you can find out where it's 5 p.m. right now and say to yourself "wow, if I were there, it would be 5 o'clock already!"

Full version

The basic version is free to download from the iTunes store. You can upgrade to the full version from in the app. The full version includes these extra features:

  • Removes the advertising.
  • Settable page refresh - quicker or slower.
  • Settable default map zoom.
  • Settable time to search for.
  • Settable map view - not just Aerial.
  • Shake-to-refresh, or use the button, to see the next place.
  • Touch the city name or compass rose to re-center the map.
  • Hides the title bar to make the map bigger.
  • Pause/Play - if you want to browse the map without interruption.
  • Displays the time till 5 (or whenever) in your local time zone.
  • More locations than just those built into your iOS device - some timezones have only one place listed! (More will be added over time)
  • Overlay showing the timezone boundaries on the map.

This app is supported by advertising (iOS4+) unless you buy the full version.


Support Information

Please email 5somewhere<at> with your support queries.

Please include as much information as possible about your issue, including:

  • The type of device (iPhone/iPad and model), and iOS version.
  • What you were doing or trying to do.
  • Whether you were using the free version or the full paid-for version.

Every effort will be made to answer your query and address your issues.

Release History

2010-08-10 Version 1.0.0

Initial release.

2010-08-16 Version 1.0.1

Issues resolved:

  • Various cosmetic display issues. (particularly, 01/2 hours -> 1/2 hour)
  • A periodic bug that calculates the time-till-5 wrongly for a short period.
  • Sometimes the overlay waits a while to be drawn the first time.
  • Not saving the search-for time if it's between certain values.
  • Enable the timezone overlay on iPads.

New features slated for a future version 1.1:

  • More locations!
  • iPad native version.
  • Add a totally-random mode, that selects target timezones at random.
  • Calculate distance from here to the location being displayed.