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The Flirble Organization is shutting down. Well, mostly.

After 20 years of providing Internet services for projects and people, The Flirble Organisation is shutting down. It has been a great ride and we've helped several important projects do their thing that may otherwise not have been able to - and of that we're very proud. Things change and it's now incredibly easy to do the things Flirble did elsewhere, do them better and for not much money. The lease is up at the location where our servers are hosted and we decided that it's not worth continuing in the same way we have. This is for many reasons but ultimately we've moved on and have other things to do.

Here's what's happening:

Wednesday February 10th 2016 is the day of the shutdown of all equipment in London. That equipment is never coming back online. If you have data you care about copy it off now. Yes, that includes plum and the HTTP vhosts. This is the date before which everyone needs to have made alternative arrangements for their websites, email and whatever else you use Flirble for.

On the weekend of February 6th I (Chris) will be migrating email for to my own servers. I am only taking a very small group of people with me. If this is the first you're hearing of it you can safely assume that your address is not going to work after this coming weekend. If you think you're my BFF and I somehow missed you, let me know but please don't be offended if I say "no".

Regarding email for other domains: there are no plans to migrate any other email service; therefore they will cease to operate after Wednesday 10th.

Also this weekend I will be moving the DNS primary from plum to another machine. We will continue to serve domains for a period but I strongly recommend you migrate to other services; I am going to look at a web-driven management interface, but no promises, no support and no timeline. I'm also recommending that people move from our ad-hoc domain registration setup to a managed storefront so you can take responsibility for fees.

If there's anything we can do to help the transition then please feel free to ask. We can at least give advice on alternative services.

All the best,

    Chris Luke
    James Cronin
    Jake Scott

Update from Chris 2016-02-07

Email for the domain has migrated away from the old setup. The IMAP4, POP3 and SMTP submission services moved with it. If you are a user of the new setup then you've been added to a private Facebook group which has the details.

In the meantime email for other domains still hosted by us can be read using a command line mail reader on Plum, or by using your IMAP/POP3 clients and pointing them at "" which still points at the old services. This will only work for the time the old setup has remaining.

DNS has not yet been moved.

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